Executive Experience

I am a civil rights attorney, with experience also in family law and domestic violence. I taught law for thirteen years at the University of St. Thomas Law Schools, stepping down as a full professor of law with tenure in 2016 to run for Mayor. In addition to my experience in the law, below are other examples of my executive experience that make me well qualified to lead the city of Minneapolis.

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Executive Experience

Founder and Director, Family Law Clinic, University of St. Thomas Law School 2003-2007

Founder and Director, Community Justice Project (award-winning civil rights legal clinic) 2006-2016

Board of Directors, The Minneapolis Foundation 2010-2016 (Vice chair)

Board of Directors, Catholic Charities 2014-2017

Board of Directors, Growth and Justice 2012-2016

Chair, Minnesota Advisory Committee to U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 2011-2017

President, Minneapolis National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Co-chair, Everybody In (regional group of stakeholders from business, government, academia, and nonprofits, focused on closing gaps in unemployment) 2012-2016

Cofounder and Board Chair, Brotherhood Inc. (nonprofit focused on creating employment and social enterprises for young black men who had been in the criminal justice system or gangs). 2010-2016

Member, Prison Population Legislative Task Force, Minnesota State Legislature

Member, Data Practices Legislative Task Force, Minnesota State Legislature

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