Why did it take Trump to act?

Friends, I find it to be pretty sad and disturbing that it has taken the election of Donald Trump and a competitive Mayoral race (and city council races) to "energize DFLers" at City Hall in Minneapolis. Communities of color and those on the margins have been crying out for years for the political establishment to address the myriad racial disparities, police abuse, high unemployment rates, homelessness, discrimination, and affordable housing concern that have plagued the city for years.

We have packed the chambers of city hall. We have taken to the streets in protest. We have shut down freeways and been arrested...all to get the powers-that-be to take action and to take our concerns seriously.....and many of our concerns have fallen on deaf ears. These same individuals failed to speak out or use their political capital to do anything of significance to address these issues. And now suddenly out of nowhere, these individuals want to rally to protect the people.

I will not fall for the okey doke. Yes, the people need protecting, but not by those who have worked so diligently to maintain the status quo and to secure their own political futures. The people of this city deserve better. They deserve new leadership who will fight for their rights, whether it's popular to do so or not. Holla if you hear me. #TheTimeIsNow #StayWoke #EnoughIsEnough #WeAreStrongerTogether

Trump is energizing DFLers at Minneapolis City Hall